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  • To run MediaWiki on Google App Engine (GAE), please make sure you have your LocalSettings.php file set properly before deploying the software to Google App Engine
  • If you need Infobox template(s) which requires Scribunto extension to parse, Mediawiki on Google App Engine is not a good idea.


In short, you can't install MediaWiki via its own installer for initializing database and such on GAE because of one small thing - "max_execution_time". Google App Engine's max_execution_time is set to 30 seconds and unchangeable. However, running MediaWiki on GAE is still doable providing that the wiki database is initialized in the following methods:

  • running MediaWiki installer locally and set the database host to Google Cloud SQL
  • import the database from the wiki database dump


Please follow the steps to install MediaWiki software (1.25.1):

  • Get the MediaWiki On GAE source code

git clone

  • Update the mediawiki-on-gae/LocalSettings.php file according to your own settings. Or you can read the sample LocalSettings.php code here.

  • After setting your LocalSettings.php properly, execute following scripts


  • run the code locally (optional)


  • deploy to Google App Engine


If you want to store files (particularly images) on Google Cloud Storage, please see how to enable MediaWiki Extension: CloudStorage.

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